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Building quick-lint-js from source

For contributors

quick-lint-js contributors should use the CMake meta build system.

Recommended process:

  1. Run CMake to create a build directory containing project files.
  2. Run your build tool to compile quick-lint-js and its tests.
  3. Run quick-lint-js' tests directly.

The exact commands you need to run differs depending on your preferred development environment and build tool:

If you are cross-compiling, see how to cross-compile quick-lint-js.

Single-command build (not recommended)

If you want to quickly compile quick-lint-js to try it out, and don't want to install CMake or Ninja, run the following commands (macOS and Linux only):

c++ -o quick-lint-js -std=gnu++17 -I src -I vendor/simdjson/include -I vendor/simdjson/src -D_LIBCPP_HIDE_FROM_ABI_PER_TU_BY_DEFAULT=1 -D_LIBCPP_INLINE_VISIBILITY="__attribute__((internal_linkage))" src/quick-lint-js/*.cpp src/quick-lint-js/*/*.cpp vendor/simdjson/src/simdjson.cpp -pthread
./quick-lint-js path/to/my-file.js

Build requirements

All of the following are required:

Version 3.13.4 or newer (per Debian 10 Buster)
C++ compiler
See below

Supported compilers

quick-lint-js is written in C++17/C++20 and thus requires a compatible compiler. One of the following is required:

Version 8.3.0 or newer (per Debian 10 Buster)
Version 9 or newer
Version 14.30 (Visual Studio 2022) or newer
emsdk version 2.0.4 or newer

(Older versions may work.)

Supported operating systems

One of the following is required:

(Older versions may work.)

Optional dependencies

Each of the following are optional:

Google Benchmark
Vendored by default; used only for testing; use your own version by setting the QUICK_LINT_JS_USE_BUNDLED_GOOGLE_BENCHMARK CMake variable to NO
Google Test
Vendored by default; used only for testing; use your own version by setting the QUICK_LINT_JS_USE_BUNDLED_GOOGLE_TEST CMake variable to NO
Vendored by default; use your own version by setting the QUICK_LINT_JS_USE_BUNDLED_SIMDJSON CMake variable to NO
Version 3.7 or newer
Used only during development; see the coding standards and style guide
GNU gettext
Used only during development
Version 1.16 or newer; used only during development