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Building quick-lint-js from source using Nix

Building quick-lint-js from source using Nix is for advanced users only. You need to install the Nix package manager if you have not already done so.

Nix uses derivation files that contain instructions for automation on how to build and package software. The dist/ folder contains such derivations for quick-lint-js and can be used to download dependencies and build it.

0. Prepare environment

The derivations in dist/ contain the necessary dependencies to build quick-lint-js using cmake and ninja. We can use nix-shell to download those dependencies and make them available for development.

nix-shell dist/nix/shell.nix

While it seems this does not do anything, you will be dropped in a shell that has the build tools available necessary to build quick-lint-js. Once you exit this shell, the downloaded dependencies will not be available anymore. You can use the above command again to re-create a shell with the build tools available at any time.

1. Configure

After running above command, we configure the build environment:


This will create a build/ folder in the project folder and changes the current directory to it.

2. Build

To build quick-lint-js, make sure you are in the build/ folder; the previous command should have already put you there. To start the build using ninja, you use:


3. Run

After building, the binary is available as quick-lint-js in the build folder:

./quick-lint-js --help

To run the tests, execute the test binary in the build directory: