Find bugs in JavaScript programs.

quick-lint-js is hiring

We are looking for people to help make quick-lint-js a success. We'll pay you for your help!

We mostly want help with the core written in C++, but many tasks need no prior C++ experience. In addition, we want help in JavaScript and Go, and also some non-programming tasks.

How to contribute

  1. Find a for-hire issue on quick-lint-js' issue tracker.
  2. Write a comment on the issue, claiming the for-hire task. Include the following text: I claim this for-hire task. I expect payment after I complete this task. I will email the quick-lint-js team if I am assigned this task.
  3. We will assign the for-hire task to you.
  4. Email us at strager.nds@gmail.com so we have a private way to contact you.
  5. Send pull requests and link them to the for-hire task.
  6. After your for-hire task is complete to our liking, email us your payment information. We will then send you your earnings (or, at your request, hold onto your earnings for sending later).

Payment options

Terms and conditions