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Building quick-lint-js on Windows from source

On Windows, you can build quick-lint-js using one of the following build systems:

Visual Studio with .sln generated by CMake

0. Install build dependencies

Before building quick-lint-js, install the following third-party dependencies:

1. Configure with CMake

Open x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS. Use cd to navigate to your quick-lint-js project directory. Run the following command to create a directory called build:

cmake -G "Visual Studio 16 2019" -S . -B build -DCMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS=1

2. Build

Open the Visual Studio solution in the build directory:

start build\quick-lint-js.sln

In Visual Studio, build the solution: press F6, or select the Build > Build Solution menu option.

3. Run

Open the Solution Explorer panel, right-click the quick-lint-js-test project, and select the Set as StartUp Project menu option.

Run the test program: press F5, or select the Debug > Start Debugging menu option.

If you want to run the quick-lint-js program, you can find it in build\Debug\quick-lint-js.exe. Run it from a command prompt or PowerShell window.