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Install for Kate on Windows

1. Install prerequisites

Install Kate version 19 or newer.

2. Install quick-lint-js

  1. Download the latest release of quick-lint-js for your platform:

  2. Extract the downloaded archive.

  3. Copy the extracted bin\quick-lint-js.exe file into a directory in your PATH.

    For example, copy it into the C:\Windows\System32\ directory.

  4. Open a PowerShell window or Command Prompt window. Type quick-lint-js --version and press enter to verify the installation succeeded.

3. Configure Kate

Open the LSP Client tab in Kate's settings. In your User Server Settings, paste the following configuration:

    "servers": {
        "javascript": {
            "command": ["quick-lint-js", "--lsp-server"],
            "documentLanguageId": true,
            "highlightingModeRegex": "^JavaScript.*$",
            "root": "",
            "url": "https://quick-lint-js.com/install/kate/"

TODO: TypeScript support in Kate