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Install for Emacs with winget

1. Install prerequisites

Install one of the following Emacs plugins:

2. Install quick-lint-js

quick-lint-js has a winget package, making it easy to install the CLI and LSP server on Windows.

In order to install quick-lint-js' winget package, you must first install winget. winget is included in Windows 11 and can be installed on Windows 10.

Open a command prompt or PowerShell window. Run the following command to install quick-lint-js:

winget install quick-lint-js

3. Install Emacs plugin

  1. Download the quick-lint-js Emacs plugin.
  2. Extract quick-lint-js-emacs.zip's files into a directory somewhere safe (for example, ~/.emacs/quick-lint-js-emacs/).
  3. Add the quick-lint-js-emacs directory to the Emacs load-path variable. For example, add the following line to your init file (e.g. ~/.emacs):
    (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs/quick-lint-js-emacs")
  4. Restart Emacs.

4. Configure

Read the Emacs plugin docs online.