Find bugs in JavaScript programs.

Install CLI and LSP server with Nix

Supported operating systems:

In order to install quick-lint-js' Nix package, you must first install Nix or NixOS.

Open a terminal, and run the following command:

nix-env -iA nixpkgs.quick-lint-js

If the above command fails with “error: attribute 'quick-lint-js' in selection path 'nixpkgs.quick-lint-js' not found”, your Nixpkgs is out of date. Either update Nixpkgs, or install from quick-lint-js' repository instead:

nix-env -f https://c.quick-lint-js.com/releases/3.2.0/source/quick-lint-js-3.2.0.tar.gz -iA quick-lint-js

Now the CLI, called quick-lint-js, is available in your user profile:

quick-lint-js --version
quick-lint-js version 3.2.0