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E0026: missing operand for operator

Binary operators (such as * and >>) require an expression (e.g. a variable or number) on both sides of the operator. Unary operators require an expression before or after the operator (depending on the operator). Ternary operators require three expressions. With some exceptions, it is an error to exclude an expression:

let ripe = true;
let tasty = true;
if (ripe && ) {

To fix this error, add an expression, or remove the extraneous operator:

let ripe = true;
let tasty = true;
if (ripe && tasty) {

Note that sometimes, it appears that expressions can be omitted, but some operators are binary and unary, and some operators look like other operators conjoined. In these cases, the code might be completely valid, so quick-lint-js won't report any error:

3**5       // different than: 3 * * 5
3<<5       // different than: 3 < < 5
7 + - 8    // same as: 7 + (-8)

Introduced in quick-lint-js version 0.2.0.

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