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E0016: expected hexadecimal digits in Unicode escape sequence

In variable names and strings, a Unicode escape sequence must contain only hexadecimal digits (any of 0123456789abcdefABCDEF). It is an error if other characters appear within a Unicode escape sequence:

console.log("List of Pok\ue9mon by weight:");

For an escape sequence without { and }, add { and }:

console.log("List of Pok\u{e9}mon by weight:");

Alternatively, for an escape sequence without { and }, include 0 digits such that the escape sequence contains exactly four hexadecimal digits:

console.log("List of Pok\u00e9mon by weight:");

For an escape sequence with { and }, ensure the } appears after the hexadecimal digits:


Introduced in quick-lint-js version 0.2.0.

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